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Mental Wellness Bundles with Trainer Ben Smith

What if you could bundle to become unbreakable?


Simple, teachable modules to process at your own time and pace.


Receive one-on-one coaching from someone who's been there.


Enjoy easy-to-use resources that make happiness a habit.


Wear merch with positive mantras to help you keep up your best game every day.

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Help ensure proactive help is accessible to all who need it by sponsoring a champ.

We are a BIPOC family and creative team - Ben Smith, Willow Smith, and Charlene SanJenko - who are dedicated to the mission of healing families with a focus on meeting young men, BIPOC teens, and at-risk youth where they’re at through media, mentorship and movement.

The Goliath Foundation operates with the support and under the umbrella of its parent company, reGEN Impact Media. Trainer Ben and the Goliath team meet people where they're at while holding space for all that is possible. Through Ben's lived experiences and gentle, relatable nature, and the technical backing of his wife and daughter, Goliath helps to bring out the shine and re-focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.

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