Our Mission of Healing

At the Goliath Foundation, we believe that, by supporting the healing of an individual, we take another important step in ending one family's cycle of abuse. One person at a time, one family at a time, until the national numbers of domestic violence and homicide begin to reduce, until the amount of gun violence begins to decrease, and we start to see a world where future generations can flourish instead of trying to defeat the same cycles of trauma and pain.

We believe there is a better way, and that it starts one man at a time.


Support our work by sponsoring a champ!

The best and easiest way to support what we do at The Goliath Foundation is through our Sponsor a Champ program. This program works to ensure cost is never a barrier for those seeking or in need of our services. From directly allowing an individual to join a mental health cohort or take one-on-one sessions with Trainer Ben, enabling us to bring our Gloves Off boxing program to youth in the community, and allowing us to speak on mental health, wellness, anti-bullying and men's health at schools and prisons, the Sponsor a Champ program fully and directly supports our work in men's mental health.


Meet Ben & James.
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The Goliath Foundation set out in 2013 to help promote mental wellness and movement for men following the journey of founder Ben Smith from self-loathing to self-love. 

Since then he was joined by life coach and co-facilitator James Gardiner and together, they aim to put it all into practice via the How Healing Happens Toolkit and the Moving Past Pain cohorts with the motto 'helping everyday guys choose happier lives.'

The pair have dealt with their own fair share of struggle and hardship and have come out the other side better, happier men - and now it's their mission to show other men how to overcome and grab hold of their happiness.

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Hosted by father-daughter duo Ben & Willow Smith, Loving Goliath is a show about finding love for the monster within us all. Join them bi-weekly to be part of the discussion in topics such as anxiety and stress, suicide, overcoming breakups and finding a sense of purpose.

Have a topic you'd like covered on the podcast? Going through something that you'd like some advice on with some anonymity? Our inbox is always open to topic suggestions, questions you may have, comments and feedback. You can email us at with topics you'd like us to handle on the pod!

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