Moving Men Past Pain

Moving Men Past Pain an integrated media initiative developed by a father-daughter duo and produced by PowHERhouse Impact Media Group. The program is designed to reach young, BIPOC and blue collar men and promote mental wellness and self-acceptance with a focus on anti-bullying, cultural sensitivity, emotional resilience, and much more.

Our interactive online platform provides full consistent connection opportunities that compliment our regular live group work. Take a short tour with our intro video here.

Trainer Ben Smith is a writer, inspirational speaker, and former professional athlete. He has partnered up with his mixed-race millennial daughter, Willow Smith, to provide an accessible approach to healing from the inside out that appeals to a diverse audience.

The cohort consists of 12 modules each designed with support and safety in mind on the path of moving past pain. Ben Smith guides participants into the topic with a video at the beginning of each module and shares his personal journey from suicidal self-loathing to happiness, and how he has maintained this state of wholeness and joy for nearly a decade.

Each module comes with a relevant podcast episode from the Loving Goliath show with Ben and  Willow, a health and wellness component, a scenario where the module's topic can be applied, and an open, safe and honest group session with the facilitators and other participants. Leaving the session, participants will take with them journaling prompts to get them thinking and reflecting on themselves and on the topic.

By the program's conclusion, participants should have new mechanisms for coping with stressors in their life, methods for safe reflection and self-care, a deeper understanding of their pain, and how to move past it.

Supported by project advisors, James Gardiner, Coach, Strategist & High-Performance Champion; Dr. Kasia Wilk, Clinical Psychologist; Impact Filmmaker & Producer Nicolle Nattrass; Writer, Director, Playwright & Addictions Counsellor; Creative Director Tina Overbury; and Impact Media Producer, Charlene SanJenko, this creative team has come together with a comprehensive approach to support the mental wellness of men and self-acceptance within young men, with a focus on anti-bullying, cultural sensitivity, emotional resilience and more.

Plans are currently underway for a Fall 2021 Moving Past Pain cohort for up to 12 young men and male-identifying individuals ages 16 - 24, particularly BIPOC and/or individuals from the foster care system.

Participation is offered based on tiered pricing with a few full bursaries available. We are currently seeking participant referrals and project partners to help sponsor participant spots to ensure costs are not in any way a barrier to program participation.

Groups in the areas of construction, policing, veterans, and more with interest in the toolkit can connect with us to discuss Goliath working with their organization, which we will be opening up to this autumn.

Corporate inquires welcome: we would be pleased to discuss our corporate offerings with you and fit a best possible fit to work with your organization and the men you support to create a positive ripple effect.



"There aren't many guys that can drop the macho energy like [Ben] can. I'm sure that's why I could share my situation with you. I appreciate your advice and will put it to use."

"I was really touched by your message on suicide and self-acceptance in episode 2 [of Loving Goliath]. I think it's so easy to think like, "oh man I could have been like this or that or had job X or Y" especially in a world where we are constantly suffocated by everyone else's success. It was really nice hearing this from a strong guy though because shit like this I can't talk to with about anyone in my family. It's nice to hear these things from someone like Ben who has this big personality but is so sincere in his feelings."

"This is a game-changer. Most people don't seem to care about men's mental health."

"Before, I didn't think happiness was a choice."

"Guys are realizing that our families and our communities need us to be men - whole, healed men - now."

We grew up believing we needed to be the 'tough guy' with zero room to express emotions or pain, talk through trauma, feel our hurt, or ask for help with recovery. Everything just got stuffed down. We shut down a huge part of ourselves. The part of ourselves that feels and turned to distractions like chasing the almighty dollar, drugs & alcohol, gaming, and pornography. It's beyond obvious that this needs to change. Just look at the stats. I'm excited to be part of a caring team that focuses on HOW Healing Happens. It's my personal goal to make this program as accessible as possible. Because whether you are in prison, on a reserve, or sitting in a CEO suite, no one is immune." 

~ Trainer Ben Smith