Meet Our Team
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Ben Smith: Founder & Facilitator

As a black child born in 1971, Ben was adopted in Seattle and raised by white parents in a tough neighbourhood in East Vancouver. He experienced relentless violence, bullying, and racial discrimination.

As a way to overcome fear and self-loathing, Ben became a competitive boxer, wrestler, and bodybuilder. These positive outlets allowed Ben to channel his hurt, anger, and frustration, eventually owning a gym, helping others as a successful personal trainer and mentoring youth as a community care worker.

Ben’s many years working as a nightclub bouncer gave him unique insight into the universal quest for self-acceptance, love, and happiness. Now he works to help men move past their own pain.

James Gardiner: Facilitator & Life Coach

With over two decades of hands-on experience in business and personal growth, James is motivated to help people face their challenges so they can truly live the life of their dreams. He was the host of “The Inspirational 30”; a television show where he had the privilege of sitting down with inspirational guests from all walks of life to share their unique and inspiring roads to authenticity.


With his soon to be published book, “Conscious Warrior: Going All In with Love” James is excited to share his incredible life quest of personal growth stemming from the various battles waged within the different arenas of life.

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Willow Smith: Junior Lead

One half of the father-daughter duo behind the Loving Goliath podcast and The Goliath Foundation, Willow is driven to help men like her dad heal from and move past pain.

Coming from a long background in customer service, the shift from serving to healing was a surprisingly easy one. Willow is a coach and board member for the Sunshine Coast roller derby team and no stranger picking herself and others back up again after a fall, and she takes the team motto of 'I've got your back' into every interaction she has while working with The Goliath Foundation.

Charlene SanJenko: Impact Media Producer

Charlene SanJenko is an Indigenous Impact Producer + Media Visionary who believes media is our most powerful tool to heal humanity. She brokers impact by building brand value using advertising dollars better.

Charlene believes that impact media will follow in the footsteps of impact investing this decade. She and the team at PowHERhouse Impact Media Group create and support innovative media projects that heal humanity, amplify changemakers, and shift the narrative to see our blind spots, use our buying power for its highest purpose, and make better decisions to create the future we want for the next 7 generations.

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